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Hyper42 is a spin-off from Visma Connect, specialists in qualified information exchange. We’re early blockchain technology adapters that discovered the Hyperledger ecosystem and want to reach the max using it. We go for real life cases and strive to go all the way from the PoC to production. We provide track and trace solutions for supply chain and audit trail solutions for exchanging qualified data between parties.

We are a bunch of nerds and geeks with a passion for exploring the boundaries of any new technology. We don’t look for solutions that are hot-topic or will make the news. We look for solutions that improve both systems and society, and if it happens to make the news, that’s fine too.

We have created a solid solution for an anti-counterfeiting infrastructure. We have our experience working on different areas and processes for customs.

The combination of our business knowledge (Customs) and the relevant technical knowledge (Blockchain – Hyperledger, Sovrin) makes us a strong team.

We see a lot of opportunities with blockchain, when it comes to supply chain and identity management, and realizing anti-counterfeiting.

The Hyper42 team of 2020