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Aye aye!

Team meeting ahoy! ⚓
Obviously, this is a team effort. So we need to discuss things sometimes. Together as Hyper42, but also with the Blockathon experts!

Meeting done, coast is clear!
Everyone continued working on their part as good as they can. HYPERGOOD! ✨

If you think that everything we do is “Hyper”, well.. YES!
Because we are making Hypertrace!

But what exactly is Hypertrace?
We’ll explain soon!

Let’s end this with some words from the Hyperlog Diary.

Hyperlog 001:

The clock keeps on ticking, 36 hours remain. We’re progressing steadily and see the enthusiasm growing all around. The first transactions have been submitted, the first screen designs look slick, the impact canvas is being filled and to be honest.. we are actually quite satisfied with the results! Obviously there’s still some bumpy roads ahead of us, but we’re going to make it feel like a smooth, smooth ride. 😎

Right now we remain optimistic and take some time to relax. But as the clock ticks closer to the deadline, that will probably change. 😉
You can follow us at Youtube and check our progress live!

Keep checking our blog and #hyper42!


— Hyper42